My Journey

My journey towards optimal health started in 2009 as I began to develop a keen interest in wellness. I did a lot of reading and a ton of research while taking on a “clean” approach to my life. I changed my diet by eliminating junk and introducing more whole foods, did a 21 day cleanse, got a personal trainer, started doing yoga three times a week, and worked on getting more in touch with my own soul. In December of that year I was inspired by my cousin while visiting my mother’s homeland of Colombia. He had committed to eating a vegetarian diet in a culture and cuisine that is very meat heavy. I had already been interested in going veg and seeing his devotion instilled in me the belief that I too could make the change. That Christmas was the last time I ate meat.

I have been dealing with symptoms of burnout and chronic stress for the last several years. From that, I developed bad anxiety, digestive issues, and adrenal fatigue. I’ve seen doctors, naturopaths, therapists, a chiropractor, a spiritual healer, had sleep lab testing, massage therapy, shiatsu, physiotherapy, tried brainlight therapy, the alexander technique, self-help podcasts, journaling, meditation, cut out dairy, went fully vegan, dived into herbalism…. Ultimately, there’s been a lot of trial with no clear remedy.

My struggles have only brought me closer to my passion and better helped me understand why people have difficulties in making healthier choices for themselves. I’ve also come to realize that the help we need ultimately lies within ourselves. All of the tools I’ve used for healing have cleared the path to move me in the right direction. The most valuable lesson has been learning to be good to myself, taught to me by my father who often repeated those beautiful words. Somehow he could always see the light shining within me no matter what I was going through.

Be good to yourself.


2 responses to “My Journey

  1. Hi Sandra, wishing you every success on your journey back to wellness. I’m sure your journey will be the making of you! Your blog is gorgeous too – such a beautiful reflection of the inner you. Much, much love, Nicole xx

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