Be Good To Others

The other day I offered my seat to an older gentlemen on the subway. He politely declined saying that he would only be staying on for one stop. I sat back down and noticed him looking at me. I could actually see the joy forming inside of him. He then approached me and said that he has a leg ulcer and really, really appreciated the gesture. Nobody else had even noticed this man. Their heads were all down, most of them on their phones.

While I believe that there are times when we need to be closed off, taking a chance on the world and being open to it can be the most liberating experience.

I know most people dread their commute. I was one of them. Knowing I’d have to be on a streetcar, then the subway, and then a bus, twice a day four times a week for a total of 75 minutes each trip, wasn’t my idea of a good way to spend my time. Through the kindness of strangers, I’ve come to relish in this routine. It’s become a time of learning, growth, and yes, even happiness. I love having the chance to make someone’s day and to put a little more kindness in the world. It’s so easy to show love to our friends and family, but taking a chance on a stranger doesn’t always come so naturally. It’s simple though – all it takes is a please and thank you, some eye contact, and a smile.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a difference in a person’s life. Make it a goal to be kind to one stranger once a day and it will change your own life as well as the lives of those you touch. Today and every day, be good to yourself and be good to others.



4 responses to “Be Good To Others

  1. I love this blog. It reminds me of my friends facebook post where someone paid it forward to her so she paid it forward to someone else. It is amazing how talking or smiling at a person can make their whole day. Thank you for this post. It reminds me to be kinder.

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