Today I enjoyed a little piece of success.

Since the young age of twelve I’ve been experiencing severe symptoms of PMS.  I can vividly recall curling up on the floor in my parents’ walk-in closet, screaming until I finally fell asleep in the pitch black. Though I’ve learned to cope, I’ve found no resolution. Refusing to get sucked into the painkiller trap, I took matters into my own hands and created a supplementation program for myself. One of the goals being to target my brutal cramps.

This morning I woke up to the dreaded crimson tide and for the first time ever…
I FELT LIKE MYSELF. No cramps, no pain, no tears, no anxiety. It felt like any other day. A great day actually. I felt good.

While I relish in having helped myself, I celebrate the vision of helping others do the same. In all of us lies the potential to self-heal and be the guru of our own health. Success is for everyone.


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