A Tale of Hope

Each day on my way to school I spend an hour with people who inspire me. We don’t talk, we don’t share our stories, and we seldom make eye contact. Yet for that short time we are connected.

I’m sitting on the bus and for some reason take notice of this man getting on. There’s nothing remarkable about him, he doesn’t stand out, around his early forties… For some reason I’m captivated by him. He walks towards the back of the bus, changes his mind, turns back around and nearly sits down beside me before making his way to the front of the bus and plopping down in an empty seat.

He pulls out a book from his black backpack, and I just start crying all by my lonesome on the bus. The title of the book is, “Never Fear Cancer Again.” For that moment in time, I knew a piece of his story and I wish he could have known a piece of mine. That morning I was heading to my first class on Preventive Health Care.

My heart ached.

That man gave me a new understanding of the journey that’s taking place right now. This journey is about less and less people having to read those books. This journey is for all the people who just want to stop feeling scared. This journey is about hope.

I look down for just a second and he’s gone.

I call him my angel of synchronicity.


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