Our Potential Is Infinite


I woke up today with a killer headache and a painfully sore body.  When you’re in this kind of state, relief always seems to be far far away. We tend to either become a victim of how we are feeling or to look for sources outside of ourselves to provide us with a fix. My initial response was to dwell the day away, soaking in the pain. Instead I took a chance, closed my eyes, and listened to my soul. There it was – inspiration. I saw green and I saw water.

With the help of my Angel here on Earth, I had one of the most relaxing and therapeutic days right here in our home.

First was getting nutrients into my body. Zucchini, green pepper, broccoli, spinach, an apple, and a few strawberries were blended in with the superfoods I like for some incredible healing power. Then he ran me a hot eucalyptus, lemon infused Epsom salt bath with a steam cloth for my eyes and head. The lights were off with only a candle lighting up the room from my favourite little green friend. I let go of the pain to the soothing voice of Dr. Wayne Dyer and drifted away into my source of clarity.

From the simple decision to not be a victim, to choose life rather than suffering, and to believe in myself – came healing, joy, and inspiration. You see, our experiences are just that – an experience. Our possessions are just that – our possessions. But our potential is infinite, and our potential only exists within us. Today became a beautiful day, reminding me that everything I need, I already have.


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