The Why


Naturally, being in school is taking my level of knowledge to new heights. I have the privilege of learning the science behind both good and bad health. As Dr. Elson M. Haas says in his book Staying Healthy with Nutrition, “The practice of good medicine is thus both a science and an art.” This can get kind of confusing. On one side we have all of these contradicting nutrition research articles being published that obtain tons of media attention. On the other, there are tons of health “gurus” with their own convictions, and marketing masterminds that latch on to the most popular ones to sell their product. Actually understanding what goes on behind the scenes, in your body, has helped open up my eyes. It’s all about the “why, what does it mean, and what happens?”

Now we can’t all just stop everything we’re doing and go to nutrition school, but we can ask the right questions, do our own research, and start taking responsibility for our health.

There are easy ways you can do this today:

1. If someone tells you something is good/bad for you, simply ask why. Demand the facts.

2. Do your own research – science is science. Find out about the different processes that occur in your body when you eat different things.

3. Don’t read the ingredients and assume you know what they are or if you don’t know, assume it’s not important. Even the knowledge of a handful of ingredients that should be avoided can change your grocery list and make a huge impact on your health.

4. Get one thing straight – labels are just that. We all know what marketing is about – selling and keeping you coming back. Does having the word organic in a company name mean anything? Do you know the biological definition of organic vs. the legal definition?

5. Don’t worry about getting it all right at once. Learn one thing. Chances are if you truly understand a certain idea/concept, you won’t have too much trouble changing that habit. This creates a beautiful cycle of blossoming growth.

The Food Industry is so greatly manipulated in all areas: marketing, chemically, supply etc. It’s time to get thirsty and soda pop ain’t going to quench that thirst.


3 responses to “The Why

  1. Love this post. A perfect analysis of a very complex issue. It’s taken me 5 years to get to the level of eating habits I am at now, and I still have some work to do.
    What really irks me are the food gurus who tell you your “wrong” if you don’t eat “their” way. Your diet is just that: yours!


    • Exactly! It’s a complete personal evolution that can change over time, and no it doesn’t need to fit someone else’s definition or label of good health. Glad to see we have similar journeys and beliefs!

  2. Definitely believe you stated. Your very best reason appeared to be in your net
    the easiest thing to be familiar with. I present to you, I certainly get annoyed while individuals consider fears they plainly usually do not find out about.

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