Sweet Potato Johnny

Though I’ve completely eliminated land animals from my diet (and have no desire to ever reintroduce them), I do have one indulgence from my past that lives on: burgers.

It’s not even the beef part of it all that had me hooked. It’s the feeling of holding a burger in my hands and chowing down. It’s the wide variety of tasty toppings to create a sort of burger masterpiece. Eating burgers just gets me a little excited and happy inside!

I’ve managed to keep entertaining my love of burgers as a veg lover, and have now found the sweetest patty ever. Everyone – say hello to Sweet Potato Johnny (aka my uncle who has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen ever since he was a little kid).

SPJ specializes in everything sweet potato. Some of his creations include sweet potato lasagna, sweet potato coconut soup, and sweet potato waffles to name a few. He’s still cooking in the same kitchen he did as a sweet little Johnny, and keeps it real by selling at local farmers’ markets. Lucky for me, I had some sweet hookups as his niece and got a bunch of his burgers to try for myself. The burgers were a HUGE hit in my household. My meatarian of a man loved them, and keeps begging for another SPJ dinner night.

Just another delicious reason to eat and support local! For more information check out Sweet Potato Johnny’s Facebook page!


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