Miss Coconut

One of my absolute favourite staples is extra virgin coconut oil. As I continue to reduce the toxic load in my food and beauty care, coconut oil has become a part of my daily regimen. With sooooo many uses, it’s also cheap, pure, and easy to use.

Here’s why the man has nicknamed me Miss Coconut:

1. In the kitchen: Coconut oil is great for high heat cooking, in desserts, and one of my faves – popcorn!

2. Shaving cream: I was so happy to find a replacement for shaving cream – that stuff is so full of nasty chemicals! I promise that coconut oil works really well. Simply rub the oil on the areas you wish to shave (I put it all over because I like it so much) before hopping into the shower. Shave as normal. It always leaves my skin extra soft, plus you don’t have to moisturize afterwards.

3. Conditioner: Once a week I do a deep conditioning for my hair with coconut oil. I massage it all over my scalp, from roots to ends, then cover it with a towel and go to bed. In the morning I just shampoo + condition as normal. Results – soft, shiny, and healthy locks!

4. Eye makeup remover: Yup, and it works. Think of how sensitive of an area that is. You definitely do not want to be careless and allow chemicals near your eyes. Bonus – dab some coconut oil on afterwards as an eye cream for anti-aging/anti-wrinkles.

5. Massage oil: This stuff is totally edible, smells amazing, and feels so nice and soothing on the body. Safe for use all over! As I type this, the man is massaging my feet with coconut oil (and a few drops of lavender essential oil). I’m one lucky and very relaxed gal!


6 responses to “Miss Coconut

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Thank you for all your tips. They are great. I already use coconut oil, but I learned more uses from you.

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