Happy VeganMoFo!

The idea behind this is to write/post as much as you can about vegan food for the entire month.

Though I tend to shy away from labeling myself (I want to be as free as possible), I do eat a mostly vegan diet and support the community of compassion.

I won’t be in on the month long journey, but eating vegan has changed my life, and it seems like an opportune time to share.

After cutting meat from my diet three years ago, I did foresee myself diving into veganism sometime in the far far future. Within a year I had already begun eliminating dairy. Today I see life in every creature’s eyes and do my best to respect it.

I’m not a vegan, I’m a person. I eat consciously and am so grateful that I have the ability to choose what goes into my body. I believe in looking after my health now, for later. With so many people falling ill, and our environment becoming more and more toxic – I refuse to let myself get poisoned without fighting the good fight.

I still indulge, and I find great joy in those moments. They are special.

Perhaps if I had one wish it would be for everyone, especially my loved ones, to do their part to stay out of harm’s way.

Plant-based, local, non-processed, non-packaged, greens, raw, homemade, real food, non-toxic, simple ingredients, exercise, fresh air are all great places to start.

Please, be good to yourself.


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