Feeling Fabulous

I’m all about planting seeds. I don’t always get a good harvest right away, but I do get growth – and that’s where it all begins. I started Meghan Telpner’s Fab Uplift Detox program eight days ago, and can truly say that there is a blooming garden within me.

The results have been incredible. I’m sleeping better, have much more energy, and my spirits are soaring high – all of which are trouble areas for me. Though I’m not going to live the detox diet step by step every day, there are some insights that I will carry forward.

Lemon-Cayenne shots: I’ve been doing the lemon water in the morning thing for quite some time, but now I’m going to throw some cayenne into the mix to really spice things up. It feels good in my system AND it helps wake me up!

Green smoothies: I was a little off on my smoothie making. They were fruit based with hints of green. I learned that your smoothies should be mostly green, and then you can add a bit of fruit as a natural sweetener. I’m also going to save my bananas for those times of indulgence as a smooth and creamy treat.

Getting nutty: Yeah I ate a lot of nuts before, but I wasn’t making use of them and there’s SO much you can do! Here at home we made peanut sauce out of almonds, alfredo sauce out of cashews, and pudding with chia seeds all for the first time. Right now the man is making cream of broccoli soup with cashews. This revelation has me beyond excited!

I really want to encourage you to be open to trying new things. No matter how much you think you know, there’s always something new to learn. It’s also really important to understand that your body is ever changing and you have to find new ways to adapt to what it needs.

One last thing… My skin looks amazing! My face is positively glowing the way it does after I get a very luxurious facial. It’s such a huge bonus! I guess that’s just what happens when you get your greens in and cut the processed stuff out.


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