Video: Free Living

I spent last weekend volunteering at the 28th Annual Vegetarian Food Festival. Aside from being oodles of fun, I had the pleasure of having a very interesting chat with Garry Tibbo. We discussed how people are so quick to make decisions about their health based on other people’s experiences, without being intuitive to their body’s own needs.

Garry’s lifestyle involves staying close to nature and embracing all of the food Mother Earth provides – straight from the source. He has over 3000 mason jars of food stored in his home, and has enough food growing on his property to last him should anything happen to our supply. Let me add that he is in prime health, having healed himself of his prior ailments, and is in fantastic shape, washboard stomach and all.

It’s definitely something to think about.

Where do you get your food from? Would you be open to getting your food straight from the ground?


2 responses to “Video: Free Living

  1. so true. i call myself an “intuitive eater” and i started my blog to share that idea with anyone that finds it. i think we need to focus on that kind of eating – listening to our bodies and being cyclical with the seasons. we’ll get there… 😉

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