Tempt Me Not

Eating healthy hasn’t come totally naturally. It’s been choice after choice after choice. Guilty of having a sweet tooth and a semi obsession with chocolate, I’ve had to let go of these repetitive indulgences.

It’s never easy to ditch a habit that gives us so much pleasure and satisfaction, even if only for a short period of time. My approach wasn’t to completely cut sweets out, instead I focused on each individual craving. Often, I would say to myself that saying no this one time didn’t mean I would never say yes again – just this one time. I attribute my success to a series of choices that left a big imprint.

The next thing I did was stop buying the goods! To this day if I know it’s in the house, I will find those same cravings making an appearance. It’s a lot easier to say no at the grocery store than it is at home… especially when it’s right in front of you and you’re bored/tired/hungry. This simple strategy also gave me better shopping habits. I believe that when you buy something once it makes it that much easier to buy it again (and again)… and what does this accomplish? It creates bad eating habits before you’ve even put anything into your mouth!

When I do have that urge, I make better choices. I avoid anything that has ingredients I can’t pronounce, too many ingredients, or when I don’t know what ingredients were used. On that note, there are some amazing sweets out there. One of my absolute faves is Giddy YoYo’s raw chocolate bar, available in tons of fun flavours. The best part – you only need a piece or two to feel giddy!

What’s your favourite?


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