Walking To Remedy

We spend so much of our time searching for remedies to ease our stress, heal our body, and fix any looming ailments. Often, this comes at a price without us even fully knowing what we’re putting into our system. While there may not be a clear cut solution for everyone and everything, it doesn’t hurt to make use of the gifts and solutions already at our disposal.

Walking is an easy remedy.

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature is therapeutic all on its own. It awakens our sense while we admire the scenery and the fresh air revitalizes our lungs. The chatter that fills our mind has a chance to escape, our bodies rejoice as they embrace the movement of each step. Freedom fills our spirit as we take on a new path, and our soul feels at peace as we let go of negative energies and replenish with ones of endless opportunity.

Enjoy these photos of a walk by the water…

Now, just go for that walk.


One response to “Walking To Remedy

  1. Definitely agree! I enjoyed some long, peaceful walks for some much needed time alone (well almost alone) down the quiet road at my cottage. Along side a great listener and walking buddy – our dog.

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