David’s Tea: Jungle Ju Ju

I went into David’s Tea looking for their Strawberry Shortcake black tea. I was told that they were all out as it is only a seasonal blend. Not wanting to leave empty handed, I asked to try their tea of the day and was colorfully surprised.

Jungle Ju Ju

This uber tropical, herbal blend’s ingredients are listed as: Organic guayusa (Ecuador), papaya, peach, natural flavors. For those unfamiliar with guayusa, it is a type of tree that grows in the Amazonian rainforest. The leaves pack a lot of caffeine so it’s often used to energize and instill alertness without giving you the jungle jitters.

English: Leaves of Ilex guayusa picked from th...

English: Leaves of Ilex guayusa picked from the tree. Taken near Archidona, Ecuador (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jungle Ju Ju has a sweet aroma with a hint of citrus, keeping it light and fresh. The tea was served chilled and had a mild taste with a smooth, fruity finish, and even a hint of vanilla. Definitely a great tasting tea that leaves you feeling refreshed. Perfect for picnics, fiestas, beach days, or simply with your early morning breakfast.

Did I mention that this tea and I share something in common? Long ago my special someone coined an affectionate nickname for me, making this purchase a must. Some things are just meant to be…



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